Another minor milestone for me. This blog reaches its 2000th post with this one.

As I’ve mentioned before, the day I started NOT THE BASEBALL PITCHER, no such thoughts had ever entered my mind. I was doing what I always did each day upon logging in to the computer, checking my favorite blogs. I’d quite grown to enjoy such activity, but had never entertained notions of my own. One author was gone, his blog suspended by himself. Beside that was the line “Start your own blog.” I clicked in on a whim and here we are today.

I’ve touched on many subjects over these last years: book reviews, movie reviews, thoughts on music I like, both old and new, politics, family, personal stuff, and a bit of humor now and again. I never thought I’d have that much to say, but so I did.

I think I’ve gotten better over these years. At least I hope so.

And along the way I’ve made some good friends with common interests I would have never found any other way. That we haven’t met, and likely never will, matters not. I look at it sort of like the pen pals of old(I’ve had one or two of those as well).

I plan to keep going as long as I have something I think people might enjoy. Or until I pass this Earth. Whichever comes first.

Thanks out there, guys!