A mixture of ARCs sent by authors, a few I ordered that are starting to come in, and some freebie ebooks sent for review.
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1: The Drift Wars(review copy) – Brett James: an SF/Mystery novel, a favorite combination, sent by the author.

2: New Year Island(review copy) – Paul Draker: sent by the author. A group of people. culled from a long list, are part of a reality show. Dropped on an island off the California coast, one abandoned for years. Camilla Becker is one of the contestants. She’d survived one disaster, an earthquake, as a child. All had something similar in their pasts. Something more is going on though. This one is 700+ pages.

3: Morgan Kane: Without Mercy(review copy) – Louis Masterson: this one’s a bit different. The fist book of a best-selling Norwegian western series that started in 1971 and lasted 83 books. A movie is planned and the series received new life as an ebook series. I was offered a paperback printing, one of a 1000, for review purposes for the American debut. The review will go up tomorrow.

4: The Hard-Boiled Omnibus – edited by Joseph T. Shaw: a collection of tales from 1952 originally published in Black Mask in the thirties. Some of the authors appearing in the book are Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Paul Cain, and Lester Dent.

5: Primeval: Dangerous Dimensions – Pippa Le Quesne: these next five are novels in the British SF series. Need one more to complete the set.

6: Primeval: Extinction Event – Dan Abnett

7: Primeval: Shadow of The Jaguar – Steven Saville

8: Primeval: Fire and Water – Simon Guerrier

9: Primeval: The Lost Predator – Alicia Broderson

10: The Killer – Chris North: Jerry House pointed this one out. North is actually Ed Gprman which is all the excuse needed to grab it.

and the ebooks:

11: Respublic Amerike(review copy) – Max Connelly: I’ve read and enjoyed the author’s work in the past. Am in the middle of this one now. The review goes up later in the week.

12: Trader – J. M. Spears: first book in the No Firewalls series offered free. How does one resist?

13: Rick Canelli, P.I. – Bernard Lee DeLeo: I’ve enjoyed the author’s work in the past and since I love P.I. stories, I’m quite sure I will do so with this one.

14: The Filey Connection – David W. Robinson: one recommended by Nik Morton.

15: Celebrations In The Ossuary & Other Poems – Kyle J. Knapp: David Cranmer has wrote about the unfortunate passing of his nephew and his desire to get his book out. He was kind enough to send me a copy.