18371787Texas Ranger Morgan Kane had two weaknesses: gambling and women. They both were used to trip him up. First, he was skinned of ten thousand in a rigged poker game. Then a woman lured out of a train car where the three men jumped him.

They put a bullet through his gun hand, then one into his stomach, which knocked him off the platform and into a valley through which the train was running.

A neat plan except for one thing. They didn’t kill him. By luck, his pistol was tucked into the front of his belt and the bullet glanced off, creasing his side instead of plowing into his gut.

His recovery took time. A small rancher found him first and saved his life. Then his old partner, Charlie Katz, found him, gave him money, and said heal. The Rangers had marked him dead. Katz knew another secret as well. In looking for his friend, he’d found the three men and woman looking as well and knew their names. That was kept secret until Kane was ready.

The gun hand healed, but left him with a star shaped scar in the palm. The ring finger was useless and he compensated with a leather band that joined it with the middle finger. If not fast as he used to be, he was fast enough.

Now it was time to go after the four who tried to destroy him.

The Morgan Kane series ran to 83 books in Norway beginning in 1971, The author was Kjell Halbing under the name Louis Masterson. Eleven million copies were sold in Norway alone, twenty million in the rest of Europe. Kane got new life in the ebook world and for the first time, an American release.

I was given an opportunity to get one of a thousand copies of the new series printed up for review purposes. A movie is in the planning stages as well.

I loved what I read(took me only a few hours this morning) and look forward to future volumes as they are being released. Without Mercy can be ordered here.