18341352Omar ‘The Egyptian’ Yakoub is an interesting character. An ex-physician, his specialty Anesthesiology, now works as a P.I. In a year, he’ll be able to apply for U.S. citizenship. We get introduced to him, and two assistants in the first of a series of interlocking stories: Jorge Vela, an Hispanic ex-boxer who works as his assistant, and Lela Kraft, the eighteen year old student that’s so hardworking and perfect that she’s amazed when she loses a debate to an average student. Omar couched the girl and Lela goes to him for the same so that she never finishes second again.

Omar uses her for so much more.

He gets hired by an English lord to investigate a man who came to him with claims of the invention of time travel. He had a newspaper ‘proving’ it.

But much more was going on. Omar begins investigating and, as he unravels it in overlapping but strongly connected stories, we start to get the picture. And Omar is set up as a terrorist and has to go into hiding while he hunts for the ultimate mastermind.

I’ve enjoyed Max Connelly’s work in the past and look for more. The way this one ended, I can see more to come.

I hope so. It can be ordered HERE.