18188712THE DRIFT WARS fits into that niche of military SF. From there, it takes off nicely into something more.

Peter Garvey is our hero, a seventeen year old, who joins up when the Riel pour out of The Drift in their warships to attack humanity, his home world. The Drift is a rift in time/space or perhaps a gateway to an alternate universe. No one is quite sure. And there are two kinds of Riel. The smaller one is twice the size of humans. And here’s the odd thing, Each side had to hurriedly develop weapons based on their enemy’s. Humanity’s projectile weapons didn’t work on the Riel and the tachyon-based weapons of the aliens had no affect on human flesh, though they could destroy machinery.

For young Peter, he leaves behind a girl friend he’s sworn to protect, a world he will die to save.

A six month tour grows into years as Peter goes through battle after battle in his short stint. He also starts remembering things that can’t be. Battles fought that he couldn’t have done.

And the ultimate twist when he gets home.

Quite enjoyed this SF novel. the website is HERE.