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1: Dean men’s Harvest(ARC) – Matt Hilton: an old enemy, one Joe hunter thought he’d left dead, has escaped prison and is looking for revenge through Joe’s friends and family.

2; The Child(ARC) – Keith F, Goodnight: a scientists carries out experiments aboard a military space station on the hyperwave technology. He unleashes more.

3: The Foragers – Ben Haas: a novel set in the latter days of the Civil War.

4: Six Gun Samurai – Patrick Lee: first book in the old men’s adventure western series from the eighties.

5: Primeval: A Rip In Time – Kay Woodward: first book in the BBC series tie-ins. My set is complete.

and the ebooks:

6: Sons and Gunslicks: Chap O’Keefe: latest Joshua Dillard book to debut as an ebook.

7: The Pulp Fiction Megapack – twenty-five old stories from the pulps. Part of a series packaging old stories into ebook bundles at a reasonable price($.99).