I remember all those promos for the first run of the reality show Survivor.18271498 Sixteen people on a deserted island, the last one standing wins a million dollars. Sounded good and one could imagine the scenario. But of course that wasn’t realand it wasn’t really a last man standing thing..

What author Paul Draker has done is given us a thriller where such an event happens. Ten people are invited to participate: deserted island, contests, the winner gets five million(later doubled to ten). But there is so much more going on and it doesn’t take the contestants long to figure it out.

This is as real as it will get for them. All have survived a horrendous event at some point in their lives. And all are harboring secrets about that event. Now the contest is to see which one comes out on top once more. It doesn’t help that their genial host keeps revealing those secrets.

Paul Draker knows how to write and his expertise and interests lend authenticity to his prose. His style makes a very long novel seem short as it flows along, sucking the reader in and not letting go until he’s through. I knocked this one out over a day and a half, which included two sleeping periods and other activities.

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