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nfl-emblemI know the NFL opened the 2013 season Thursday night with the undressing of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. But with the exception of Thanksgiving, Thursday pro football just doesn’t seem right. At least I’m not used to it yet anyway. Tody is what I consider opening day.

How will my three favorite teams do this year?

Let’s start with the worst. The Jets look poised to continue their slide into obscurity. It’s something they’ve been doing ever since they won Super Bowl III. Have a good few years then drop out of sight for more years. Up and down has been their way for all those years. They traded their best player, Revis, because owner Woody Johnson didn’t want to pay him what he should. They drafted a quarterback that doesn’t appear ready for the big league, maybe for a few years. Which fits in with their usual mode. The old QB, Mark Sanchez, was mishandled in the preseason. Coach Rex Ryan can make all the excuses he wants as to why he had Sanchez in with guys that had no real chance to make the team. Sanchez might have a chance somewhere else where he could rebuild that shattered ego, away from the new general manager obviously doesn’t want him.

Half a dozen wins if they are lucky.

The ‘Skins seem to be the favorites in a lot of minds. But I wonder if RGIII is back to full strength. We hope so. Another injury could end a promising career. The ;Skins have a good defense, good back, and a fine receiving corps.

Ten, maybe eleven wins, and the NFC East.

The Carolina Panthers need to do something this year. After an excellent start, Cam Mewton hasn’t exactly lit up Panther world. One hopes he has matured a bit and doesn’t continue to mope on the bench when things aren’t going well. It doesn’t look good. To the fans or his team mates. They have good backs and Steve Smith, a receiver they’ve managed to let his best years slide by without much help. I believe we might see a coaching change next season. Rivera doesn’t appear to be a head coach. A good defensive mind.

A five hundred record at best I think.

We’ll see how good or bad my predictions will be.