This first group all came from Barry Ergang. I would suggest folks check it out. Barry is planning a move to smaller quarters and is winnowing his collection down. I think you’ll find stuff you want, maybe too much. I had to force myself to stop this time around. I could have gotten another dozen easily. He offers great prices and only a nominal amount for shipping & handling, unlike the used book sites who attach a fixed amount for each book from the same order(that’s how they can charge $.01 for some books and still make money).


1: Killers Are My Meat – Stephen Marlowe: these first six are all, of course, Chester Drum novels

2: Death Is My Comrade – Stephen Marlowe

3: Trouble Is My Name – Stephen Marlowe

4: Violence Is My Business – Stephen Marlowe

5: The Second Longest Night – Stephen Marlowe

6: Jeopardy Is My Job – Stephen Marlowe

7: Ghost Town Gold – William Colt MacDonald: another of his Three Mesquiteers novels.

8: Bloody Murdock – Robert Ray: Matt Murdoc is an ex-Vietnam vet and a Laguna Beach P.I. And you thought he was Daredevil.

The rest are all purchases or books sent for review:

9: Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill – Aaron Austin: one of my now infrequent Star Wars buys. I like the author and the series within a series.

10: The Man Called Noon – Louis L’Amour: don’t need to say more.

11: Menace of The Saucers – Eando Binder: an SF novel by Earl and Otto Binder. I think Bill recently highlighted this one on his paperback feature.

12: Bragg: The Missing and The Dead – Jack Lunch: a novel in the P.I. Peter Bragg series.

and the ebooks:

13: Everville: The City of Worms(review copy) – Roy Huff: second in the young adult fantasy series.

14: Common Enemy(review copy) _ Richard David Bach: a P.I. novel sent for review.

15: Not Dead Yet(review copy) – Pegi Price: first two novels in a new legal thriller series.

16: Still Not Dead(review copy) – Pegi Price

17: The Complete Cases of Max Latin – Norbert Davis: all the pulp character’s stories in one volume.

18: On The Train – Rebecca Cantrell: a short story offered free by the author, a favorite horror writer.

19: Crytozoica – Mark Ellis: another favorite author, he wrtw Outlanders series under the house name James Axler for Gold Eagle.

20: Redemption(review copy) – Andrew Joyce: the subtitle is The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. The guys are all grown up in this one.