1: The Man From Mars – Fred Nadis: a biography of SF author/editor Ray Palmer.

2: Doc Savage: The Miracle Menace – Kenneth Robeson: the latest Doc novel by Will Murray.

3: Fury and The Mystery At Trapper’s Hole – Troy Nesbit: a childhood favorite.

4: Those Who Walk Away = Patricia Highsmith: a novel for forgotten books in a couple of weeks.

5: Night of The Saucers – Eando Binder: sequel to Menca of The Saucers.

6: Coyoteros! – Louis Masterson: no. 26 in the British translations of this Norwegian western series. I have a couple of more coming that were reasonably priced. Most were in the one to several hundred dollar range.

7: The Mallet of Loving Correction – John Scalzi: another collection of the best of his posts from his blog, Whatever. Published by Subterranean Press.

8: Catch and Release – Lawrence Block: another Subterranean Press publication, a collection of short stories.

9: Wagons West! – Robert Turner: based on the Wagon Train TV series.

10: Deadman’s Road – Joe R. Lansdale: a weird western collection of a novel and four stories featuring the Reverend Jebidiah Mercer.

and the ebooks:

11: Pulp Fiction – Robert Turner: an essay on the writing of pulp fiction by one of thw writers of the era.

12: Shoot To Kill(review copy) – Christopher Kenqworthy: a new western.

13: Enemies & Other Western Stories – Ed Gorman: a collection of stories from Western Fictioneers.

14: Muse of Fire – John Scalzi: a horror tale by the SF writer.

15: Blood of The Dragon Trees – Nik Morton: a new novel by the author.

16: Hell Up In Houston – Garnett Elliott: a new tale of the roving dtective, gandson of the legendary Marshal Cash Laramie.

17: he Cagliostro Chronicles(review copy) – Ralph L Angelo, Jr.: a new SF novel.