3-23-2013 3;31;52 PMAuthor Alex J. Cavanaugh’s space opera series takes another twenty year leap since the last book in the series,CassaFire. Byron is married to Athee and they have a son, Bassan. He’s commander of Cassan base on Tgren and the ten races have formed two alliances. The Vindicarns from that long ago war, CassaStar, are once again enemies.

Bassan on a class trip to the ancient alien ship found on Tgren accidentally activates something and suddenly the boy begins having nightmares. The old ship is transmitting something in code to all ten planets and toward where the probe from twenty years ago that had nearly destroyed Tgren.

Was that probe returning? And what would be it’s purpose? What were the signals sent to all ten planets? More ancient ships, one on each world, were discovered and they were activating as well. War was heating up between the ten races to an insane degree! And how does Bassan tie into all this?

The author answers each of these questions as he builds up a page turning SF novel. A quite satisfying conclusion.

If one likes good space opera, this was a good one. It officially goes on sale today.