SELECTED NOVELS AND SHORT STORIES – Patricia Highsmith: edited with an introduction by Joan Schenkar: Two novels, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and THE PRICE OF SALT along with a dozen short stories.

BRAGG’S HUNCH – Jack Lynch: the first novel in the Peter Bragg action series.


Jerry House turned me on to this pair/ I had one of Turner’s novels based on the old western series starring Ward Bond and Robert Horton. I was unaware that there were two more.

This pair are from British publisher World Distributors Ltd. They handled the British editions of the Whitman Books American tie-in novels of the TV Series of the day(late fifties/early sixties. These were hardcovers with dust jackets. My copies were missing those so I searched the ‘net for images. THE RESTLESS GUN is from the Whitman edition as I couldn’t find one anywhere.

Wagon Train: The Danny Green Story – Troy Nesbit

The Restless Gun: Trouble In Fast Death Mountains – Barlow Meyers

Harder Than Steel – Louis Masterson: The Morgan Kane series lasted 83 novels in the original Norwegian editions. This is the fortieth of forty-one published by Corgi Books in Great Britain.

The Beast Within: A History of The Werewolf – Adam Douglas: the title says it all.


The first two novels in the Lincoln Blackthorne series by Geoffrey Marsh(Charles L. Grant), an occult adventure series. George Kelley turned me on to these.


The other two novels in the Lincoln Blackthorne series.

I’m going to stop now. I have a few ebooks sent for review purposes. May do a post later in the week on those.