1: Wyatt Earp: Bad Town Roundup – Philip Ketchum: The U.K> edition of the American Whitman. It was marketed as a tie-in to the Hugh O’Brien series, but that’s not how it read. It begins with a twenty-five year old Wyatt and covers his career as a lawman from Ellsworth(however briefly) to Wichita to Dodge, ending with the OK Corral shootout.

2: Gun Law: The Mystery of Jan Gant’s Treasure – Robert Turner: doesn’t that guy on the cover look familiar? In the learn something every day department, Gunsmoke episodes were known as Gun Law in the U.K. At least in the fifties. Not sure why though. This is the U.K> version of the Whitman book.

3: The Delicate Ape – Dorothy Hughes: never read the author before and wanted to give her a try.

4: Morgan Kane, U.S. Marshal: The Law of The Jungle – Louis Masterson: the Corgi Books translation of one of the Norwegian western series.

5: Hidden Blood _ W. C. Tuttle: a Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens novel. The copyright is 1925, but I’m not sure whne this one came out. The in good condition dust jacket makes note that it is a reproduction of the original.

and the ebook:

6: Catch and Release(review copy) – Lawrence Block: I bought the Subterranean edition of this Hard Case Crime book, but the author was kind enough to send me a Kindle of it. Nearly finished and enjoying myself doing so.