downloadNow this was a screwball comedy/mystery.

Jean Parker is Kitty O’Day, a switchboard operator at a fancy hotel that fancies herself a detective. She reads all the detective magazines and this film is a sequel to her first effort, DETECTIVE KITTY O”DAY. Peter Cookson is her hapless boyfriend, Johnny Jones, who keeps getting roped into her schemes.

Kitty likes listening in to guest’s phone calls in hopes of catching them at something illegal(she’s giggling over one man making a date with a second woman when the manager catches and berates her, not the first time, for doing such.

She finds herself in on the real thing when she’s on the line with her boss at his apartment and hears two shots. She sends boyfriend Johnny up to check on!B30bh8!!mk~$(KGrHqQOKnUE)5T1koT5BMnopZM5q!~~_35their boss(Johnny works at the hotel travel desk) along with the janitor who has a pass key. The janitor is black and they have him play off in that stereotypical fashion they seemed to like black males in those days(you know, scared of his shadow, bucked up by the white man at every step). They find the body and Johnny rushes out to call the cops, leaving the janitor to watch the body. Why he couldn’t have called from the room?

Johnny, Kitty, and two homicide cops, one Chief Clancy(Tim Ryan), and here’s where the screwball mentioned earlier comes in first. Just as they are about to enter the room, Kitty lets out a piercing scream. When asked what’s the matter, Kitty answers “a girl’s supposed to scream when she sees a body isn’t she.”

Only there’s no body. They find the janitor unconscious on the floor and revive him. He says first the ligths went out, then someone hit him on the head.

600full-adventures-of-kitty-o'day-screenshotThen begins a series of Kitty and/or Johnny finding the body, or more as they pile up, then the bodies disappearing, Kitty and Johnny being arrested for murder, only to wriggle out on technicalities, chases up and down the hallways of the hotel as Kitty and Johnny try to avoid their latest arrest, a sequence with them and Clancy and his flunky sliding down a laundry shoot, before they finally uncover what’s really going on and who the murderer is doing the killing.

Good for a laugh, but probably won’t be on the lookout for the first movie.

There doesn’t seem to be a trailer on Youtube for this onwe, but I’ve included the first in the series to give you an idea.