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18306In researching for this post, I found that Evan Lewis over at Davy Crockett’s Almanack had recently covered this book and I had somehow managed to miss it. My bad.

Evan covers things nicely relating to the history of this particular book. I will add the copyright on my copy is 1925 and the dust jacket is in pretty good shape. At the bottom of the inside flap of the front of the jacket are the disclaimer:

The issuance of the COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED NEW EDITION at a reduced price is made possible by (a)use of the same plates made for the original edition; (b)acceptance by the author of a reduced royalty.

Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens are headed to the small town of Pinnacle where Hashknife hopes to cure his rheumatism in the hot springs. The stage they are riding(late at night because of he heat) ia held up, a box taken, and one passenger, a young fellow, is shot down while his hands are in the air.

The young man survives, Hashknife gets his treatment, and our cowboys/detectives find themselves ina plot I’ve never seen in a western before: illegal drugs.

How they work things out and get to the bottom of it is where the fun comes in.

Loved this one.

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