18392902While I wouldn’t call myself a dyed-in-the-wool zombie fan, there have been movies and books that I count among my favorites. I can add THE HAND THAT FEEDS to that small list.

Author Michael W. Garza has taken a different tack with this novel. Most parents would do anything to save their children from death. But if the child is already dead?

We have a family. The Masons, with a problem. John is a weak man, his wife Angela’s hold on reality always tenuous at best, and a son named Alex that fell into a hold and swallowed a black goop that took his life, then reanimated him.

Alex is patient zero of the infection spreading throughout their small town and his mother is determined to keep her son ‘alive’.

Author Garza keeps the action moving as a distraught father is away from his family and trying to get back.

Quite enjoyed this one. Can be ordered HERE.