1: Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs – edited by Mick Resnick and Robert Garcia; a new set of tales by some of today’s best writers, all acknowledging Burroughs’ influence. Three Tarzan tales(one in which Joe Lansdale places the ape man in another of Burroughs’ worlds, The Land That Time Forgot), two set in Pellucidar, a Carson Napier Venus, one featuring the white man son of Geronimo, a Moon Maid piece, and one featuring elements of Beyond The Farthest Star. All new but one reprint. Contractual obligations kept a new John Carter story out(one presumes because of the Under The Moons of Mars anthology), but Resnick supplies one he wrote in 1963 as part of a giveaway. Only a thousand copies were printed of that one.

Nearly finished and enjoying it hugely.

2: Doctor Sleep – Stephen King: sequel to The Shining.

3: Payback At Morning Peak – Gene Hackman: a western by the actor. Don’t know whther he actually writes his books or there’s a ghost writer employed.

4: The Beast from Yuma – Louis Masterson: the eighth book in the U.K. translation of the Norwegian western series.

5; Mark of The Hunter – Charles G. West: latest western fron a favorite writer.

6: Flintlock – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: first in a new western series.

and the ebooks:

7: The Dark Need -Stant Litore: the lateest entry in the horror series The Dead Man.

8: West of The Big River: The Forty-Niners – Charlie Steel

9: Among The Anthropophogai!: A Story of Gorillas and Gasbags – Bill Crider; a pulp style adventure. Enjoyed this one.