17571481Some top notch writers have written for this anthology. All acknowledge their love and debt to Burroughs’s work.

Within these pages are three Tarzan tales(one in which Joe Lansdale puts the ape man in another of Burroughs’s worlds, The Land That Time Forgot), two Pellucidar stories, a Carson Napier, Moon Maid, Mucker, a tale from Beyond The Farthest Star, and a western featuring the white man raised by Geronimo. The only reprint is a John Carter story(The Burroughs estate was contractually bound against any new Mars pieces, likely because of the John Carter anthology already out.)It was originally published in 1963 as part of a giveaway and only a thousand copies were printed.

Here’s the list of stories:

1: TARZAN AND THE GREAT WAR – Kristine Kathryn Rusch: set during the period when the Germans had taken his beloved Jane and he was hunting for them.

2: THE FALLEN, A TALE OF PELLUCIDAR – Mercedes Lackey: an intelligent Sagath is the protagonist.

3: SCORPION MEN OF VENUS – Richard A. Lupoff: Carson Napier finds a new villain to plague him.

4: THE FORGOTTEN SEA OF MARS – Mike Resnick; the only reprint in the book.

5: APACHE LAWMAN – Ralph Roberts: Shoz Dijiji, the white man raised by Geronimo becomes a U.S. Marshal.

6: MOON MAID OVER MANHATTAN – Peter David: the Earth is invaded by the men of the Moon.

7: TARZAN AND THE MARTIAN INVADERS – Kevin J. Anderson & Sarah Hoyt: Not Burroughs’ Martians.

8: THE TWO BILLYS, A MUCKER STORY – Max Allan Collins & Matthew Clemens: falls between the two Mucker novels.

9: TO THE NEAREST PLANET – Todd McCaffrey: set in the world of Beyond The Farthest Story.

10: THE DEAD WORLD – F. Paul Wilson: a second Pellucidar story.

11: TARZAN AND THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT – Joe R. Lansdale: Tarzan stranded in Caprona.

Loved every story here and more than one of them demanded a sequel. Fingers crossed. Can be ordered HERE.