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4460926Ex-reporter turned P.I. Peter Bragg has a new client, former hood Armondo Barker. Death threats have been coming in against him, his bodyguard, and his step daughter. Just a few days before someone had taken a half dozen shots at him. It didn’t seem a serious attempt because he’d been so exposed. But Barker wanted the threats ended.

He believed it had to do with someone here in San Francisco and not the town of Sand Valley where he’d retired from the criminal game. He had a successful restaurant and did have his hands in a few strip clubs and massage parlors though.

But when the bodyguard is murdered, an ice pick shoved into his brain and then pushed over a railing on the eleventh floor balcony, and the words Sand Valley were on the ice pick handle sends Bragg to the small town.

And right in the middle of a war between two forces wanting control of the town.

Bragg believed it all tied in of course, but he needed to stay alive long enough to find out exactly what was going on.

Liked this one.

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