You’ve received this message because you have in the past purchased some of the books I have for sale at, or because you’ve expressed an interest in them. I’m writing today to let you know that I recently sold my house and will be moving into an apartment next month. Because of significant space limitations in the new place, I won’t be able to continue selling books from my collection. Instead, whatever for-sale books are left over, including those I don’t have time to scan and add to the lists, will be donated either to a local organization that sends Care packages containing all kinds of items, including books, to U.S. troops stationed overseas, and/or to a local public library. Therefore, if I still have any titles you want, now is the time to let me know.
I’d love to continue to sell them from the new apartment, but the space constraints make it impossible. As it is, everything I have to take with me is going to consume a great deal of room, and I’m told the storage areas the building provides have dimensions of 3′ by 5′, so keeping boxes of books there along with everything else I have to hang onto would be impossible. Not to mention that having to root through umpteen cartons of books to find those a buyer requested would be a nightmarish prospect.
At this point I’m figuring the cutoff date for orders will be October 26th, but depending on how things go in preparing for the move, it could be earlier. I have to play it by ear. I hope to be able to list some titles that aren’t already on the lists, but this once again will depend on how the preparations go. Scanning covers, reducing the size of the scans, and posting them and verbal descriptions on the website is very time-consuming.
As always, this is a first-come, first serve situation, so get your requests in ASAP.
Thanks for understanding.


P.S. To those outside the U.S.: remember the weight of a package must be under 4 pounds because I don’t want to fill out nine-page customs forms for heavier packages. If you want more than 4 pounds’ worth of books, I’ll ship them in lighter packages days apart.