12217097I wasn’t at all familiar with Michael Gruber before reading THE RETURN. It might be one of the best thrillers I’ve read this year.

Rick Marder has a plan. His wife died a few years before. he’s estranged from his son, His daughter has her own life.

When Marder gets a piece of bad news from his doctor, he decides he wants to right a few wrongs. To do that will take him down into Mexico to the home town of his late wife and in the vicinity of the drug cartel that had murdered her parents, sending her off the rails that led to her death.

But his best friend, Patrick Skelly, shows up and insists on coming along. Then his daughter shows up looking for him, her life on suspension. Neither of them know about his condition.

He buys an island that puts him directly in the sights of a pair of drug cartels and sets about improving the lives of the folks living there, using part of his considerable funds from his Apple investments. That’s something else no one knows about.

How he accomplishes his aims, along with a few twists and turns, is told in swiftly moving prose that I found quite engaging.

Recommended. Available HERE.