51svGtcGszLCanadian author Eleanor Cameron(1912-1996) was best known for her children’s books, most especially The Mushroom Planet series. THE TERRIBLE CHURANDRYNE was another.

Siblings Jennifer and Tom were visiting their grandmother in Redwood Cove for the summer when they heard the stories of Mr, Looper seeing a large sea creature two years before and were determined to see it themselves. A few others had claimed to see something as well, though most tempered it as shadows in the fog. Large shadows.

Most of the town thought they were just crazy.

Mr Looper, curator of his own museum, claimed it was an Elasmosaurus and had dubbed his find Elasmosaurus Californius because that’s where he’d seen his creature.

The best point for sightings was atop the hills of San Lorenzo. Unfortunately the land was owned by a crabby old woman that didn’t like people. Her only actions with them were a couple of days a week where she sold eggs, milk, and butter.

Mrs. Larkin was apoplectic to find them on her “proppity” and shooed them off. She mentions the Churnadryne as she does so and when they ask what that was, she replied you’ll find out.

It’s a short tale of adventure as the kids and old Mr. Looper, not to mention the rest of the town, have their own confrontations in the thick fog.

This book might be called young adult these days. Even though I will be -mumble-mumble- next week, I think I could qualify.

For more forgotten books, George Kelley is handling things this week while Patti is otherwise engaged.