Halcyone Acasia Tintersmoot, Hat to her friends, is the owner and sole81BF5VuWbOL._SL1500_ employee of The Marshmallow Hammer Detective Agency. She also just happened to turn twelve. She’s wanted to be a private eye for years as she absorbed the wonderful stories her grandfather told for years. Her father had been bored with the business and went in another direction.

On the day of her twelfth birthday, a package from her grandfather is found on the front porch. Really strange as he’d passed away when hat was only nine. No idea who’d left it either.

A letter inside told that it was a difficult case that she might be ready to solve.

There was a box inside with the word Game on it. Inside that was another box labeled riddle, followed by a third with puzzle, and the last with anagram. Inside that one was a golden egg with symbols around the middle and a note with two words, hint: doughnut.

The original letter promised that, when she solved it, however long that would take, she would know one of the most valuable things in the universe.

So Hat sets out to solve the Mysterious Case of The Golden Egg. Along the way she makes a new friend, the cute boy on the bus, thus solving another mysterious case. Frank has a photographic memory, or photography memory as he keeps calling it. He becomes the second employee of the agency and the pair work over the summer to solve the various things thrown at them.

Had quite a good time with this one. A young adult novel, I think I barely fit into that category. At least mentally. (heh!)

Look forward to more in this promising series. It can be found HERE.