1: The Spider: Extreme Prejudice: a new collection of original stories from the folks at Moonstone Books.

2: Ask Not – Max Allan Collins: the latest Nathan Heller from a favorite writer. It’s 1964 and Heller is in the middle of mob stuff again. Part fact, mostly fiction. All good.

3: The Enchanted(review copy) – Rene Denfeld

4: Colonel Sun – Robert Markham: the U.K. edition of the first Bond novel written by anyone other than Ian Fleming. Kingsley Amis is the man behind the pseudonym and this one was originally published shortly after Fleming’s death and follows closely behind The Man With The Golden Gun, itself released after the author’s death.

and the ebooks:

5: Eater of Souls – Joseph Nassise: a Dead Man tale, the first release in the Kindle Worlds program where anyone can write and sell their own Dead Man story. Of course there are rules.

6: Ink Mage – Victor Gischler: the author takes his hand to fantasy in this first part of his serial novel. One price and each part is added automatically as it comes out. Book publication will follow after that.

7: The Alpha Choice(review copy) – M. D. Hall: volume one of the SF Te’an Trilogy.

8: Hard Luck Hank: Screw The Galaxy(review copy) – Steven Campbell: an SF novel.

9: Wolf Creek: Night of the Assassins – Ford Fargo: the latest shared world western from the Western Fictioneers.

10: Wheels of Justice and Other Stories – Les Williams: offered free, it will get a review when it’s turn rolls up.

11: The Landing – Colin Tabor: an alternate universe novel where the Vikings settled America first.

12: Blood Brothers – James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell: a standlone short story that leads into the two authors’ next Order of the Sanguines novel.