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!: Plunder Squad – Richard Stark

2: The Jugger – Richard Stark

3: The Outfit – Richard Stark: I have a complete set of the recent reprint series by The University of Chicago Press, including the Grofelds, but only a few of them in mass market paperback.

4: Murder From the east – Carroll John Daly: a race Williams novel.

5: Mac Slade and the Hardboiled Dicks – John Blumenthal: An old style P.I.

6: Mac Slade and The Tinseltown Murders – John Blumenthal

7: Cutter and Bone – Newton Thornburg: The killer Bone sots getting rid of a body one night turns out to be a rich executive and the two friends pursue him across country to his stronghold.

8: Blue Murder – Robert Leslie Bellem: a Dan Turner tale.

9: Hollywood and Levine – Andrew Bergman

10: The Big Kiss-Off of 1944 – Andrew Bergman: a couple of Broadway shamus Jack Levine novels.

11: Calypso – Ed McBain: an 87th Precinct novel. I now have, or have read, all of them.

12: Bulldog Drummond – Sapper: the first Drummond novel