There are two threads running through this story. In one, Lucinda Carter17333272 escapes from Mrs. Landry’s brothel. The girls can leave any time they want, but are searched and any money they managed to save up is confiscated for business expenses. But Lucinda not only escapes with her savings, but goes the madam one better. She’d discovered the woman’s secret stash and looted it, slipping out in the night with a homemade key, from a pressing in soap, and is hours gone before anyone knows any different.

The second thread is Nate Cannon, a young farmer who’d joined the Texas State Police to save money for his real love: raising horses. He was just a so-so farmer and wanted to provide for his wife and daughter. He’s accompanying two Texas Rangers in pursuit of a vicious killer named McGill, who’d murdered, men, women, and children.

Lucinda is headed to Middle Bayou, in Southeastern Texas to meet her lover in search of a buried pirate treasure.

In their investigations, Cannon and the Rangers discover in an interview with one survivor, the mother of two slaughtered children and a husband, mention is made of McGill speaking of LaFitte’s treasure.

Author Kathleen Kent moves the story along in alternating chapters until things come together, managing to slip in a few twists along the way.

Quite enjoyed this one. Available HERE.