17332288I’ve been a fan of the Heller novels for many years now. Mr. Collins is now getting into territory I lived in. I remember the Kennedy assassination, seeing Ruby shoot Oswald on live TV, and a couple of years later the Beatles arriving on our shores.

ASK NOT concludes the author’s JFK trilogy and begins with Heller and his son, Sam, nearly getting run down coming out of a Beatles concert. Heller is working for them and arranges a meet(I’m the same age as Sam at that time and would have loved to be in his place).

Heller recognizes the near hit-and-run driver as one of two Cubans he’d nabbed a couple of years before in Chicago in an aborted assassination of the President.

It starts him on a path to stop whatever’s going on. Threats to himself he can deal with, but family is a different matter.

As always, Collins and his researcher George Hagenauer do a massive amount of research and weave his fictional detective Heller in with real people of the day to develop the story. He stays close to the truth, using his own speculations and those of others, to give us a coherent tale while admitting a few changes for dramatic purposes.

He has more plans for Heller, though originally the JFK trilogy was to wrap it all up. Glad to hear that.

Recommended and available HERE.