George Hilton(born Jorge Hill Acosta Y Lara) started in Italian cinema in the fifties517+lgQhepL and appeared in his first spaghetti western in 1967. He went on to become of the stars of the genre. After the fading of the craze, he appeared in crime films and horror for the rest of his career.

In ONE MORE TO HELL, he plays Johnny King, a young man who likes women, is good with a gun(though he never has killed another man), and is an able magician/card trick artist. He studied for the ministry at an early age, but came to realize the life wasn’t for him. But some of that learning stuck. He doesn’t think much of killing and quotes, and misquotes, the Bible quite often. His early mentor is Reverend Steve MacGregor(Pietro T0rdi), partners with Johnny’s late father in a ranch, promising to hold the ranch for Johnny.

16 FULL HOUSEBut Johnny is too footloose for ranch life.

The big men in the town are the three Ward brothers and they’d been buying all the ranches they could, by any means necessary. Steve MecGregor is the last one and he’s not cowed by the brothers. Johnny helps him out of one incident, shooting the weapons when they draw on the Reverend and running them off the ranch.

Of the three Ward brothers, Ernest(Gerard Herter) is the dominant one. George(Paul Muller) is the one who carries out the day todownload (1) day operations, legal or illegal. And Herman(Aldo Cecconi, billed as Jim Clay) is the flunky that follows the orders of the other two.

After the business at the ranch, the Wards decide they need to get Johnny out of the way, To that end, because of his fondness for the ladies, they set him up with the Marshal’s)Ferruccio Verotti) girl friend, hoping he will kill Johnny. But though weak and under the Wards’ thumb, the Marshal is essentially an honest man. he promises only a good beating.

downloadHere’s where the obligatory barroom brawl happens and Johnny is struck from behind in the melee with a liquor bottle, his knife taken from his boot sheath, and left in the back of one of the brawlers. Johnny is promptly arrested and thrown in a cell with a man scheduled to be hanged the next morning. Meredith(Paolo Gozlino, billed as Paul Stevens) is his name and the two men get into a knock down-drag out fight over the one bunk. And become friends at the end of it, both respecting that neither is quite good enough to take the other.

When Meredith’s men break him out, Johnny goes with them and goes to their hideout where they are planning a big heist. Johnny makes an instant enemy,Inferno1 Gary(Carlo Gaddi) when he appropriates his horse, forcing him to ride double with another, and then prevents a rape by him at the hideout. Gary had killed the woman’s husband to get her. Liz)Claudia Lange) becomes attached to Johnny after that.

The big score Meredith wants is an impregnable bank with $200,000, Johnny goes along with it as long as there’s no shooting and comes up with an audacious plan. Meredith poses as one of the Remington family with a large case of new models, and experimental ones, he wants stored overnight in the bank Johnny is in the bottom and the two padlocks used to lock the box are fakes, easily coming apart with a little pressure. But Gary, wanting his revenge, substitutes real padlocks when the bank president insists on looking into the case(Johnny’s in the bottom with a couple of trays on top) and seriously jeopardizes the job. To make matters worse, there’s not nearly as much money as thought. Only $39,000. Still, the biggest job they’d ever pulled.

one-more-to-hell--italian-2f- (1)Johnny pulls out, after dealing with Gary for crossing him, taking Liz and his cut and returning home, only to find that the Reverend had been murdered and the ranch going up for auction. No one would dare oppose the Wards. Except Johnny.

The picture becomes a revenge piece now, though Johnny is remarkably restrained in killing for a spaghetti western. The clip below is his kill count for the movie.

Meredith is hired to kill Johnny, which he doesn’t want to do when he learns who the target is.

Ernest Wilson has several high powered rifles and constantly brags about theOne_More_To_Hell thrill of hunting “real” men, as in outlaws. But all we ever see him kill is helpless peons fleeing or Johnny when he’s tied to a metal sheet and helpless while Ernest shoots all around him.

As usual in these spaghetti westerns, the film appeared under numerous titles. The original Italian was Uno Di Piu All’Inferno. In the U.S., it was Full House For The Devil. In other english speakig countries, it went by the name One More To Hell or To Hell and Back. And in Germany, Django- Melodie In Blei, though there was no Django anywhere in the film.

The only trailer I could find was in German. That’s the good thing about spaghettis though. Lots of action and no unnecessary dialogue.