1: Saving Paradise(review copy) – Mike Bond: sent by the publisher.

2: Runner(review copy) – Patrick Lee: a thriller sent by Amazon.

3: Life & Death of The Wicked Lady Skelton _ Magdalen King=Hall; I have the 1946 hardcover edition without a dust jacket. I could not find a suitable image on the ‘net so settled for the tie-in edition to the Faye Dunaway remake THE WICKED LADY, a film not well received(Dunaway got the Razzie for worst actress that year).

4: Lady – Thomas Tryon; loved the author’s first two novels, THE OTHER and HARVEST HOME, but had never read this one. James Reasoner gave it a decent review.

and the ebooks:

5: The Dead Man: Halfway To Dead – Leigh Grayson

6: The Dead Man: The Black Nexus – Leigh Grayson: the second and third novels in Amazon Kindle’s new program.

7: Blaze of Glory – Ben Bridges: a new to ebook western by one of my favorite authors.

8: The Remortal(review copy) – Ramsey Isler: sent by the author.

9: Fog of War – Ethan Jones: the third Justin Hall thriller, a series that has become a favorite.

10: Big Stupid – Victor Gischler: a new crime tale from the author.