18365247Engineer Jeremy Stone finds himself helping his friend Jack Stone, accused of murdering his mistress and their unborn child. Stone had really screwed up his life, married to a billionaire heiress, an affair with a fellow engineer, the affair with the dead woman, an ex-wife and son now threatened with being cut off from support by his current father-in-law.

Jeremy believed his friend innocent, but seemed to be one of few who did, The woman had been poisoned with doctored candies, a brand that Stone favored.

People are lying, a mystery man with a skull tattoo on his hand and a scorpion around his neck keeps floating in and out, A K.C. has some connection with Stone’s current wife. Her brother doesn’t like Stone.

A nice mix of characters kept moving nicely by author Jac Wright in this thriller that kept me going and he even drops a twist in here and there.

Quite enjoyed this one and available HERE.