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8570393Today is Ross Macdonald day on Forgotten Books and I’ve selected THE FERGUSON AFFAIR for my post.

Attorney Bill Gunnarson was next up on the list for indigent clients and the young woman he’d got was arrested for selling a stolen ring to a pawn shop dealer. At first, she lied to him and things weren’t helped when a watch found in her apartment was also stolen.

He finally got her to start talking and it led him into a kidnapping, same man involved, of the former actress wife of the millionaire Colonel Ferguson. Two hundred thousand was the ransom demand and the old millionaire wanted to pay for his half-his-age wife.

But something wasn’t right. Two people involved peripherally turned up dead of suspicious circumstances. Gunnarson gets a threatening phone call to lay off, with an overt threat to his pregnant wife, the wife gets one of those phone calls with the heavy breathing, and He has the wealthy client that pays no attention to anything he says.

Nacdonald throws a few twists along the way to keep you guessing and produced a satisfying read. Before THE FERGUSON AFFAIR, I’d only read his excellent Archer series. May have to change that.

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