Timewarner finally got things back up to snuff this morning.

I got up yesterday morning at my usual three a.m. to find no internet, phone, or about half my cable channels. The res seemed to be playing a game of popping in and out on a regular basis. A call to Timewarner got me the information that yes there was an outage and they were working diligently to get things straight. Everything should be uo and running by 11:00 a.m.

No such luck.

A call told me that the next available man was between eight-to-nine this morning.

The man showed, but never entered the house. he informed me there was a digital box on a pole with a crack in it. It would be another hour before the truck with a crane and a bucket would arrive, then probably lunch before it was fixed. He had to go inform other neighbbors of the same information.

Fortunately they were faster than he’d predicted and I’m good to go.