e4cd308ff63ca9aceab098073707bb19oDJANGO KILLS SILENTLY was one of those films that tried to ride the coattails of the original DJANGO starring Franco Nero. It appeared in English speaking countries under various titles all with Django in them: Django Kills Softly, Django Gun Them Down, and this one. Only one time in the English dubbed version I saw was Django used in one of the final scenes. The Character George Eastman played is Bill in the original Italian.

Bill/Django is headed to the town of Santa Anna to visit an old friend when he happens upon a gang of Mexican bandits wiping out a family of settlers: the old man, his son and daughter-in-law, and the grandson. By the time he can get down there, all but two have left, the pair looting what they canc1bill-el-taciturno find in the wagon. He kills them, then pursues the rest, catching them at a farm house where they have killed the owner and are setting around drinking and laughing. Just as he’s about to do something, he hears a horse coming and hides.

It’s a young woman, Linda(Liana Orfei), who’s come for help, only to find her friend dead and she about to be raped. Django steps in and kills them all and gets the story that Linda is running away from a man named Thompson(Luciano Rossi, billed as Edwin G. Ross) who’d held her prisoner. The farmer was going to help her get away.

indexThat’s all he gets before two men arrive and are about to kill him before Linda tells them what happened. They warn him to leave town as they don’t like strangers.

In town, Django is first hoorawed by a group of drunk rowdies led a man with a nervous twitch(Frederico Boido, billed as Rick Boyd), then finds his friend Sanders and his whole family wiped out, man, woman, child, servants. A man he meets named Miguel(Spartaco Conversi) and his friend Pedro(Antonio Toma), a mute, who inform him it was the Thompson gang that did it. He was supposed to pay a fee for “protective services,” but it was stolen by the other faction in the territory, the El Santo bandit gang.

From that point, Django plots the destruction of both gangs and the rescue ofmaxresdefault Linda. Along the way, he’s double-crossed by a third bunch, then sets them up, his friend Miguel is murdered, and the final shootout between El Santo and Thompson, along with one man left alive from the third group leaves only Thompson for Django to deal with.

As usual in these things, a saloon brawl breaks out between Thompson’s bunch and a fourth group over female entertainers, the leader of which brought Thompson a new load of rifles and ammunition. Django booby traps them, which is what sets the two main factions against each other.

And in one amusing bit, Linda is given a six gun, nothing else, to defend herself if necessary. In doing so, she fires it seven times.

Not a bad western though.