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1: Terror In The House: The Early Huttner, Vol. One – Henry Kuttner: Richard Robinson posted on this one and, being a longtime Kuttner fan, I found a new copy, shrink-wrapped, bubble-wrapped, packed in peanuts, at a very reasonable price.

2: ManHunter’s Mountain – Wayne D. Dundee: I’d already read this Cash Laramie short novel as an ebook, but had to pick up this paperback copy.

3: Death Has A Past – Anita Boutell: Martin Edwards had this one week as a forgotten book. Sounded good, so I jumped on it.

4: White Fire – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child: the lates Agent Pendergast novel.

5: The Hardboiled Dicks – Ron Goulart: ran aross this one and picked it up.

and the ebooks:

6: Cleveland In My Dreams – Lawrence Block: a short story offered free. How can one pass this one up.

7: Common Ground(review copy) – Richard David Bach: sent by the author. I’d reviewed the frist book in the series.

8: Saint Death – Mark Dawson: another freebie and I liked the series.

9: Staged Fright – Sameer Ketkar: first book in a new series, BODIES.

10: Vampire Siege At Rio Muerto – John M. Whalen: sounded interesting. I picked it up.

11: The Machineries of Mars. Charles Allen Gramlich: once intended for an anthology, TALES OF THE LOST EMPIRE OF SOL, that never reached fruition, Charles gives us a chance to read his very good story. Same story for the next entry.

12: The Pirates of Themos – Tom Doolan

13: The Burglar Who Counted Spoons(review copy) – Lawrence Block: sent attached to an email. Look forward to this one.