81PtGYIHZeL._SL1500_Hank is a Colmarian, a fourth degree mutant who lives on the space station Belvaille. And has for a hundred and thirty-six years. He’s big and hard to hurt, skin so tough it repels small arms fire. He works as a negotiator among the station inhabitants. He carries two weapons: a four barreled shotgun, the bottoms loaded with buckshot, the tops with small steel pellets, four of each, and a Ontakian pistol, once owned by his several greats grandfather. Hank had never fired it, but it was reputed to be super powerful.

Belvaille is the most isolated of Colmarian space stations with all portals to it closed but one. Most of it’s inhabitants are, shall we say, on the lower end of civilization. Criminals that engage in all sorts of contraband and illegal activities.

Hank’s job is to keep things sort of civilized. He’s fair when he needs to be, very nasty when he has to be, and generally keeps things on an even keel.

Then one day, he gets word that the Colmarian navy is coming. With a host of ships, a couple of them Dreadnaughts, a single one capable of destroying Belvaille.

It sets off a panic and dumping, or hiding as much as they can, contraband.

Hank’s job gets harder and he wonders if the coming of the Colmarian Confederation has anything to do with his recent taking out of two Dredel Led, giant robots, that had landed on Belvaille and slaughtered anyone that got in their way before they disappeared into hiding.

But there was much worse coming and Hank will be called on to use all his negotiating skills to save the Colmarian Confederation and his beloved Belvaille.

Action packed, at times funny, I quite enjoyed this SF romp. Available here.