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1: Wonderland – Ace Atkins second C[enser novel. Really liked the first he did.

2: Ironhorse – Robert Knott – continuation of Robert B. Parker’s western series with Cole and Hitch. I liked the Parker books, but then I like westerns.

3: Sixkiller, U. S. Marshal: Blood For Blood – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone the latest in the Walmart only for a year western series. I have to find my copies on the secondary markets with a less than pristine copy and more expensive at the same time. Don’t know why I continue to pick this, and other series, up. They are good though.

4: Charming – Elliott James: this sounded interesting when I read a review, so I latched onto a copy.

and the ebooks:

5: Trouble Man – Ed Gorman: an old western offered by James Reasoner’s new Rough Edges Press.

6: The Ravine – William Meikle: a weird western from a favorite author.

7: The Burglar Who Counted Spoons(review copy) Lawrence Block

8: The Remortal(review copy) – Ramsey Isler: a young street kid is offered immortality. All he has to do is kill his benefactor. Liked this one.

9: Stone Soldiers # 1: Mythical(review copy) – C. E. Martin: a military unit that fights monsters.

10: Stone Soldiers # 6: Armageddon Z(review copy) – C. E. Martin: latest in the military/monster series.

11: Bookscout – John Dunning: a short piece by Mr. Dunning. I always though his writing style great and he wrote a lot about books. He’s gotten another short work if I like this one.

12: Time Fall(review copy) – Timothy Ashby: a thriller I was asked to give a chance.

13: Legend of The Dawn western trilogy – J. R. Wright: all three novels in one ebook: BEFORE SUNDOWN, AFTER THE DAWN, and LEGEND OF THE FALL.