The only visible sign of that terrible night years ago when Cord Malone was just twelve was the jagged scar across his forehead, given him by the vicious Eli Creed, a man Cord’s outlaw father had brought home with him. The man had ravaged and murdered his parents, left him for dead in a burning house. Cord didn’t care about his father, a man every bit as nasty as his killer, but the boy made a vow to find Creed and kill him.

Cord grew up to be a large man and left home to begin his search with no idea where to begin. Seven years had gone by. He found a job at the Triple-T cattle ranch and worked there for a while until he saved some money, catching the boss’s daughter’s eye, but as with most men, completely clueless about women.

A chance mention of Creed’s name sets him back on the path where he befriends an old outlaw, a likable cuss named Dooley, and ends up with a young woman good with a gun or a skillet, whatever’s required, in his search.

Another encounter with an old friend brings word that the Triple-T is in trouble, a big rancher planning to take over all smaller spreads has hired gunmen to steal cattle and kill anyone who gets in his way, including Cord’s old boss.

So he sets out with his partners to aid old friends and in the end confronts his long held grudges.

Another fine western from a good writer.