Ex-Pinkerton Joshua Dillard had to get out of San Francisco. Things were a little hot. Too hot for troubleshooter Joshua Dillard after a vice lord drew a gun on him in a ritzy Russian Hill parlor house and he was forced to kill him with his Peacemaker. 

So Joshua brought forward a railroad trip to the wilds of Colorado where he had a job lined up for a mysterious Leigh Jordan, of New York City. 

Turning into a bust, Joshua soon finds himself caught up in a mess. Some of the characters are a hostile and crooked lawyer, Walt Sloane, and his bully boys, a femme fatale needing his unorthodox services, a pious, religious nut that is more than he seems, and a half wolf, half dog that aids him at a critical moment. 

Joshua has to put it all together, survive several murder attempts, and help a young woman stuck in the middle.

As always, author Chap O’Keefe gives us a fast moving western tale and a satisfying read.

Just released as an ebook, it’s available HERE.