1: THE AFTER LIFE OF SLIM MCCORD – Jack Martin: Blackman and Tanner have seen it all, but nothing prepared them for what they find in the town of Possum Creek: the mummified remains of notorious outlaw Slim McCord, in a traveling carny show. And Slim McCord, long after his death, is now involved in the most lucrative bank robbery of his outlaw career. The three men, thrown together again in the most unlikely way, must face this dangerous turn of events head on, as the bullets fly .

2: ALIEN  HONOR(ARC) – Vaughn Hepner:  2457 AD. Premier Lang is a dictator ruling a solar system in crisis. The human race is still haunted by the Doom Star days, and millions dwell in slums below Earth’s surface. The pristine star system of New Eden is a beacon of hope —but it is 230 light years away. Getting there will be a challenge unlike any ever attempted by mankind. Only with the help of “Specials,” human telepaths who can create rips in space, will the ship stand a chance of traveling the vast distance.
But when one telepath makes a disastrous deal with an alien enemy, the entire mission takes a deadly turn. Can a fledgling Special with steely street smarts save humanity as the dwindling crew makes the final, frightening leap toward New Eden? 

3: DESPERATE ENDURANCE(review copy) – Kasey Riley: Bethany, a young woman who rides endurance race events across the country witnesses a kidnapping/murder at a rest stop, she goes to help when the pair rush off to catch another car that pulls in and spot them. With his dying breath, the old man tells her where to find a post office box and get an important item from it. Now she’s on the run with the pair after her.

4: Butchery of The Mountain Man – William Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: the latest in the Smoke Jensen series.

5: Odds On – Michael Crichton

6: Drug of Choice – Michael Crichton

7: The Venom Business – Michael Crichton: I now have a complete set of Hard Case Crimes reprints of the novels he wrote as John Lange while in medical school. These three I haven’t read as copies on the secondary markets of the originals were kind of pricey.

8: Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word – Harlan Ellison: an oversized paperback with fifteen never before collected stories from the first dozen years of his career, plus an early version of the last story which he reworked and sold three years after the riginal version. Picked this one up from Harlan Ellison Books

and the ebooks: 

9: Mean Christmas Night(review copy) – Wayne D. Dundee: A priest receives a helping hand on Christmas night.

10: Midnight Symphony: 10 Novellas of Horror and Suspense – Some big hitters in this one.

11: The Christening(review copy) – Gary Dennis: the New Zealand author  asked for a review.