When I sat down to watch I’LL SELL MY SKIN DEARLY, I wasn’t sure what it would be. The title suggests one of those low budget horror films of the early sixties.

it turned out to be a fairly decent spaghetti western, a revenge story as the bulk of them were.

Shane is your standard spaghetti gunman, few of words, quick on action. It served  Mike Marshall well as he didn’t seem to be that good an actor, making some godawful faces at various times during the picture when some sort of emotion was required.

He’s a man come to home to settle something he’d

tried to forget, but kept eating at him. His family, mother, father, and little sister, had been murdered for their land. Specifically an old mine the father had been working for years with little result, but had finally struck a vein. It’s not explained how, but a man named Ralph Magdalena(Dane Savours) had found out and showed up to help him out . He wanted the land for grazing he said and offers him a paltry five hundred for it, quick claim in hand to be signed. Adding another two hundred, he says he’ll give him a few minutes to talk it over with his wife, going outside, knowing all the time the answer. he had half a dozen men hidden waiting, gunning him down when he comes outside and the wife and daughter after him.

Young Shane had been away at the time and had stayed away for a dozen years until it ate away at his insides and he’d come for revenge.

At times he seems mad, as when he buries the first one he finds alive, other times he seems soft and gentle. Wounded in an ambush, he drives the assailant off and digs the bullet out of his leg himself, tough guy, with a dagger he keeps in a sheath up his left sleeve. Quite good with the knife, he uses it several times to escape death.

He’s found by a young boy, Kristian, who gets him home to his mother, the widow Georgiana

Bennett(Michele Giradon), who nurses him back to health. She becomes the focal point from then as Magdalena’s lieutenant, Benson(Spartaco Conversi) , has the hots for her and keeps trying, even to the point of killing two off his men who dared go out there and mess with her, only to be soundly whipped by shane and sent packing. The fact that widow Bennett makes it quite clear she’s not interested, Benson keeps trying.

The final showdown happens in a monastery where Magdalena’s brother, Domenique(Grant Laramy), is a priest. He was in on the raid twelve years before, but had found God since and went into the priesthood. he’d spent the years trying to make up for what he’d done.

Not a bad film directed by Ettore Maria Fizzarotti with script by Giovanni Simonelli and music by Enrico Ciacci and Marcelo Mirocchi

The print I watched had the German title in the credits, ZUM ABSCHIED NOCH EIN TOTENHEMD,  and the trailer below is in German, but gives a nice bit of the action

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