This sixth novel in the Las Vegas mystery series finds James “Jim” Snow  working alone. His partner at James and James Detective Agency, Alice James, is back east looking after her mother and considering a job offer tendered. Jim does check in with Alice and bounce ideas off her during his investigation.

A mother wants her daughter’s death investigated. It had been ruled an accidental drowning, the woman liked to fish at night on Lake Mead in the summer when it was so hot during the day. Her daughter’s pet Capuchin monkey was missing as well.

The monkey was an easy find and Jim is living in the dead woman’s triplex home until a sanctuary can be found to take the monkey. The woman’s identical twin sister lives in the other half of the building.

Doing what all private eyes do, Jim pokes around, asking questions, and putting the pieces together. Author Rex Kusler does a terrific job of keeping the story moving along as he builds toward the answer, dropping a twist or two in along the way.

A fine mystery available HERE.