The six man Ranger patrol parachuted out in the middle of a violent storm. Their mission

was to cause havoc and destroy Nazi bases behind the lines as a distraction for the real push by Allied forces.

They landed exactly where they were supposed to and began their mission.

There was only one problem.

The odd storm had been a warp in time and they were in 2011 Germany instead of 1945.

Lieutenant Arthur Sutton led the group, but was soon injured and left behind. In charge now was a fanatical Sergeant, Roth, Jewish, who only wanted to kill Nazis for what they’d done to his family.

As far as Germany knew, they were terrorists hitting civilian spots and leading them was another fanatic, an old man left over from WWII, a member of the Hitler youth then.

Sutton learns the truth, hard as it was to believe and wants to rescue his beleaguered men before they get killed. The German wants them wiped out before the liberal press gets wind of it.

And one man from Washington suspects the truth and also wants to save them.

I’m a big fan of time travel stories and this is one of the best. AvailableĀ HERE.