A couple of stories by the creator of Zorro set on New Year’s Eve. One crime tale and one western.

NEW YEAR’S PITFALL appeared in the January 1949 issue of Popular Detective: Lt. Keith Powry is investigating a jewelry theft ring when he gets a call from a nigh club manager informing him that a mistake had been made by a new employee and indeed a table for two was reserved for him.

Except Powry hadn’t called the club. 

It seemed a set-up, but Powry and his partner wanted to smoke the gamg out.

NEW YEAR’S AT COYOTE CREEK appeared in the February, 1947 issue of Texas Rangers magazine” Miner Rusty Rawlins has been away, but returns in time for the New Year’s celebration with a prize more precious than gold. 

The rest of the ebook is filled out with a mailbag for Texas Rangers magazine as well as a gallery of images, covers and interior illustrations from the issues concerned.

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