Romantic suspense is not the sort of thriller I normally read, but I made a wise choice in trying DESPERATE ENDURANCE. Author Kasey Riley gives us a well crafted novel of murder, endurance racing, and a young woman finding a love even while hiding from killers and trying to figure it all out.

Bethany Wilcox, in the year since her divorce, had ridden her horses in endurance races and wrote magazine articles about. When she witnesses a murder at a rest stop, trying to help the victim after the killers chase another car that had pulled in, the dying man gets a promise to help, telling her what the men were after, how to find it, and what to do.

Kasey Riley is an endurance rider herself and I liked the way she worked information and treated us to that world, one I didn’t know even existed, without slowing down the narrative one bit.

Quite liked this one. Can be ordered HERE.