Blackman and Turner are horrified upon arrival in Possum Creek to find their old19104433 comrade, Slim McCord, dead seven years now, as a carnival exhibit. “See the outlaw for a nickel!” Preserved and tied to a board, the line to see him is long. The two old outlaws, retired for a decade now, decide to steal his body and give him a decent burial.

Through an odd set of circumstances, the two men and their late partner pull off the biggest bank job of their careers and flee town in the dead of night. The -ghost?- of old Slim seems to be guiding them as they are pursued by a posse, encounter two Indians with knives long after the Indian wars were over, and make a momentous decision when trapped.

Tasty little western. Finally, a certain writer, one G. N. Dobbs, makes a couple of brief appearances.

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