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indexFinally got a chance to see this one as part of a freebie from Timewarner Cable. As with this type of film, they got some heavyweight actors for supporting roles. Russell Crowe is Jor-El. Kevin Costner plays Jonathan Kent. Lawrence Fishburne is Perry White. Diane Lane is Martha Kent.

The basic story is the same. Krypton dying. Jor-El and Lara save their son. He grows up to be the savior of the Earth.

But within that framework they tweak the story a bit.

And modern film making techniques give us a lot of explosions and destruction. Metropolis would never have recovered from the damages wrought in the titanic battle. the thousands of people that would have died aren’t addressed. And Superman does one thing he never did in the comics or any other version, TV or movie.

As a modern action film, it wasn’t bad. As a superhero movie, it left a lot to be desired.