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1: Phantom Lagoon – Kenneth Robeson: the latest Doc Savage from Will Murray and the late Lester Dent,

2: Trials of O’Brien – Robert L. Fish: a tie-in from 1965 based on the Peter Falk TV series.

3: The Contractors(ARC) – Harry Hunsicker: DEA agent Jon Cantrell has to deliver a witness to a drug cartel transaction to a small town on the other side of Texas. Needless to say, the cartel want him stopped.

4: Shovel Ready(ARC) – Adam Sternbergh: a near future thriller where a dirty bomb set off in Times Square kills the tourist trade. Spademan is a former trash collector who kills for a living. He won’t hear sob stories. All he needs is a name and payment. But he has a line he won’t cross and one client lies to him about that line.

5: Preacher’s Blood Hunt – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: the latest Preacher novel from one of my favorite authors.

and the ebooks:

6: Jason Evers: His Own Story – Frank Roderus: a western hitting ebook for the first time.

7: Dirk Ramm: Suited and Booted – Matt Hilton; a colction of three action short stories.

8: Our Turn To Shoot – Dan Eldredge: short story set during WWII.