16130549In his sequel to THE SHINING, author Stephen King has given us another fine novel. In his afterword, King says he gets asked “Whatever happened to that kid in The Shining?” often and that he had in fact wondered the same thing.

We now have that story. It’s a battle between good and evil.

Dan Torrance had wandered a good deal of his adult life, never staying anywhere long, and had become an alcoholic like his father. But he’d finally settled in the small town of Frazier in New Hampshire. He’d gone to AA and worked a number of years in a hospice where he’d earned the nickname Doctor Sleep. The facility had a cat named Azee that always knew when a patient was about to pass(he’s never missed yet). Dan was there to hold their hand, ease their fears(with a touch of his Shining), and help them get to life’s next stage.

Abra Stone is a thirteen year old with a strong dose of Shining in her. It had first manifested one morning when she was just a few years old in crying that wouldn’t stop. That was early on the morning of 9/11. She’d gotten stronger over the years.

The True Knot is a tribe that passes themselves off as retired folks and others traveling in a fleet of Winnebagos and RVs. Polyester pants, tee shirts, they are constantly on the move to disguise that they change frequently. You see, they are a sort of vampire, but they don’t live off human blood. They hunt children with that psychic shining(they call it steam), kidnap them, and torture them(which hightens the steam) before murdering the children. They can also die by most anything(gunshot, drowning, falls, car wrecks), like regular folks.

They want Abra Stone.

Dan and Abra and some normal are all that oppose them

And the final battleground takes Dan Torrance back to the site of his greatest horror, the Overlook Hotel, that burned down when Danny was just five, thus saving his life.

Most excellent.