n204585Will Sheer comes home after two years to learn everyone thought him dead. Scalped and killed by Indians the papers had said. He also found that his partner in the stage line, Ned Oakes, had a new partner, Lyle Danko, a gambler, who’d supposedly invested five grand for a half interest.

Turns out that wasn’t exactly true. Ned owed Danko the monery in poker losses amd was coering Ned to tell him when the gold shipments were going out. Blackmail was also involved as Ned was carrying on with a young widow in the next town, cheating on his fiance Caroline Knight, the banker’s daughter.

But no one knows about the under the table deals but Ned and Danko.

It doesn’t take Will long to get his half back as Danko claims the five grand was never spent and he would gladly back out of the deal. Of coursde he still had that other deal with Ned.

Will has to figure another way to get the gold out as the rail bridge had washed and gold was piling up in the bank. Too many shady men in town to not try the bank with that amount of gold, some seventy grand.

Of course there’s a snake in the grass.

Decent novel.