imagesADIOS SABATA was the second film of a trilogy starring Yul Brynner in the title role. Lee Van Cleef played the part in the two bracketing films. How that happened was that Van Cleef had already committed to a western being filmed at the same time. In a bit of weird coincidence, that role was Chris Adams in the sequel to The Magnificent Seven. So both men were playing roles the other had originated.

The film’s original title was Indio Black, but as was the practice at the time, the popularity of the original Van Cleef film caused the “coattail effect” to take advantage.
The original Italian title translates as “Indio Black, you know what I’m going toimages (1) tell you…you’re a big son of a…”

The plot is set during the reign of Maxillian I, Sabata is hired by a Mexican bandit to steal a wagon load of gold from the Austrian Army. He does along with two partners, Ballantine(Dean Reed) and Escudo(Ignazio Spalla), then learns it’s a wagon of sand. They then set out to steal it back from the austrian Colonel Skimmer(Gerard Herter).

Youtube has the film under the title “A Barrelful of Gold For Sabata.”